[XviD-devel] [STATUS] ToDo list for Win32 developers, have a look and send fixes.

Edouard Gomez xvid-devel@xvid.org
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 16:02:40 +0200

Something went  wrong with  the project file  i commited  yesterday. I
tested it at  work but it seems  not to work well now...  don't ask me
why, but asm files are not processed (so told me sysKin on IRC)

It would be very nice if  someone creates a new project file for msvc6
with these constraints :
 - Dll project
 - Output should be bin\libxvidcore.[dll,lib,exp]
 - Intermediate files go to Debug or Release depending on target build
 - Make sure asm files are processed
 - Add  the build/generic/libxvidcore.def  to the  project so  the dll
   exports xvid's api entry points

I'm  really sorry  having broken  the project  file... btw  we  had to
create a new one so it's not so bad :-)

Next steps will be to adapt current vfw project files to :
 - Link against the libxvidcore.lib import library
 - Make  sure  we  have  libxvidcore.dll  installed  when  we  install
   xvid.dll (should be renamed to xvidvfw.dll ?)
 - Merge the  cygwin files  (they obey exactly  the same  rules, links
   against libxvidcore.dll.a  and so on...  they are ready to  use now
   but the msvc projects must be synced so we have common behaviour)

Edouard Gomez