[XviD-devel] it doubts...

Marco Al xvid-devel@xvid.org
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 14:52:26 +0200

Michael Militzer wrote:

> This is not really correct. Section 8 of the GPL makes it possible to
> release patent covered code under the GPL...

XviD's contributors have chosen not to use the options provided in section 8
though, so it does not apply.

I know Im alone in this, but I still read clause 7 that if you know that if you
cannot extend the freedoms of the GPL to recipients you are not allowed to
distribute (the fact that they specifically mention allegation of patent
infringement as sufficient ground is a clue, there is no need of allegations
here ... we all know perfectly well it is patent encumbered). Knowledge of the
patents prevents anyone in good conscience to think he is satisfying the
obligations under the GPL IMO, we all know we cannot guarantuee others can use
XviD freely ... yet anyone who is distributing it under the GPL is promising it,
"The act of running the Program is not restricted", even if my reading is
incorrect I still think the whole thing is schizo.

But hell, even Linus said to just ignore it till it becomes a real problem :)