[XviD-devel] [RFC] kthresholding in 2pass2

Thom thom at net2hardware.com
Wed Dec 3 16:02:39 CET 2003

>Dev-api-4 does not have "min i-frame interval" at all. The setting in
>gui was a bug, did two things - one of them was forcing p-frames after
>every i-frame (you might think of it as min keyframe interval, until
>you remember about b-frames), and also meant "below i-frame distance"
>for KF reductor.

Well sure you are right but me and doom9 members set the option called
min I-frame in the GUI to 3 or 5 and we had this problem of Q31 then we
pass this option to 1 with no quantizer problem.

So I don't know if this option are avalaible or not in dev-api-4, if it is just a bug in the GUI  but
it seems to make problem. I just keep default parameter (1) it work
good ;)

Enjoy ++


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Wednesday, December 3, 2003, 1:39:48 PM, you wrote:

>> Just put min I-frame to something >1

EG> min iframe only impacts iframe coding, so i strongly doubt it impacts
EG> pframes quant at all (see the code to convince yourself)

EG> Moreover  you  should   have  a  look  at  my   last  RFC  thread  about
EG> kfthresholding. i explain  why this setting impacts too  much atm on the
EG> quality (point 1/ iirc)

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