[XviD-devel] XviD parameters NOT wrote in man pages - where to find?

Stephen D. Leedle LeedleSt at gmx.de
Fri Dec 5 01:09:55 CET 2003


Where can I find the XviD parameters I would like to use with mencoder,
which are NOT wrote in the MPlayer's CVS code man pages?

There is this new XviD version 1.0.0 beta with new features. But there is
NO documentation at all in the XviD source tar ball. And the MPlayer's
man pages are new, but not covering this stuff.

Need help, glad about reply :-)

Oh! And MPlayer's User's ML told me to ask here at XviD's MLs, but no 
reply was given in User's ML. yet. Therfor I am asking here. Sorry!

Stephen D. Leedle

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