[XviD-devel] question about the decoder+slice rendering

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Thu Dec 11 18:20:00 CET 2003

Quoting Edouard Gomez <ed.gomez at free.fr>:

> elcabesa (elcabesa at inwind.it) wrote:
> > hi i was looking new code and i saw that postprocessing is not compiled
> when i 
> > run make
> > i tryed a make clean a
> > autogen.sh
> > configure.sh
> > but postprocessing files arent compiled
> > i think that makefile shoudl be updated
> sources.inc  is already up  to date  since yesterday,  "cvs up"  and try
> again. (a cvs  diff on my working  dir doesn't show any diff  to the cvs
> and i'm sure it compiles this file: C: image/postprocessing.c)

and while you're at updating your sources, just do it once again ;-) I
forgot to add some code to xvid.c in order to initialize the postproc
tables - fixed now...


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