[XviD-devel] License/legal discussions

Jim Hauxwell james at dattrax.co.uk
Thu Dec 11 23:57:34 CET 2003


If you are only doing playback, then get a licence from DivX Networks for
DivX5.x.  Probably most of the specific code your company has written from
scratch, and would not have been subject to GPL if it was in another
decoder.  This could be slotted into the DivX decoder SDK with little effort
(iDCTs / motion comp).  I must be clear that this doesn't mean in any way
ripping off any part of the Xvid code.  You could have a very performant
decoder in a quick time and resolve the licensing issue.  I wouldn't say
DivX encoder is better than Xvid, as its not, however the decoder should be

Just a Thought


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Is this list the correct forum to ask questions related to licensing,
patent and legal issues?

If not, what is the correct place?

My company has enhanced XviD and we'd like to work out a solution as to
how we can distribute it. We'd prefer not to go the Sigma Designs way,
that's why I'm asking.

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