[XviD-devel] Dshow PP Decoder Crash

Dirk Knop dknop at stud.uni-goettingen.de
Sat Dec 13 13:33:53 CET 2003


Michael Militzer schrieb:

>hm, well dshow + PP works for me but this doesn't say much. However could
>you provide some more information? Otherwise I have no chance to reproduce
>the problem. What is the error message you get when it's crashing? Which
>colorspace do you use? What kind of CPU do you have? etc.
>Quoting nvidiadx at hushmail.com:
>>Hash: SHA1
>>With the latest PP addition in the Dshow Decoder it crashes when PP is
>>activated and then you seek in the file, also when PP is activated every
>>new playback crashes too.
I get the same behaviour with newer encodes/bitstreams (i.e. dev-api-4). 
checked an old encode - worked flawlessly (dev-api-3). Maybe there's 
something wrong?


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