[XviD-devel] Dshow PP Decoder Crash

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Sat Dec 13 13:54:23 CET 2003


Quoting Radek Czyz <syskin at ihug.com.au>:

> Heya,
> Michael Militzer wrote:
> > hm, well dshow + PP works for me but this doesn't say much. However could
> > you provide some more information? Otherwise I have no chance to reproduce
> > the problem. What is the error message you get when it's crashing? Which
> > colorspace do you use? What kind of CPU do you have? etc.
>  From Koepi:
> [...] can you write that postprocessing in dshow crashes with current 
> bitstreams, but old bitstreams are decoded correctly?
> i took a file i did some months ago, decoded fine - all recent encodes 
> (dev-api-4) crash postprocessing/dshow
> [/Koepi]
> Maybe this *very strange* observation will help us discover why new 
> streams are not decodable by this standalone (I forgot the name).
> Anyway, I'll probably make a debug build and check what's going on in a 
> few minutes.

thank you both :)) Well, I _only_ have dev-api-4 streams (because I tested
the postproc stuff only with newly created streams) and I have no problems

Note however that it could well be that there's something wrong in the
dshow code. I just copied some of Nic's code and adopted it to current cvs
code but I did not really look over the code again in order to find out if
all I did was really correct. I just tested and it worked fine (which was
a great surprise because I'm not used to the fact that my code changes
work right out of the box ;-)), so I just happily committed all the stuff
without further checking - maybe that was a mistake ;-))


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