[XviD-devel] Colorspace and other things...

Christoph Nägeli chn at kbw.ch
Mon Dec 15 12:20:13 CET 2003

Hi All,

It would be nice to have a 32 bit rgb colorspace that is packed argb.
I made this in my copy of xvid and its quite simple to do this (and I 
think it doesn't hurt somebody if there are 5 lines more code), but 
it's QuickTime's native format  on mac, so I get a good performance 

The other thing is:
I would like to begin optimizing. I sampled my encoder and saw much 
time is spent in 'sad'.
There are already some files for ppc and altivec, but they are not 
included since the configuration script doesn't regognize the ppc 
architecture the right way.

The other thing is that the assembly files of linux and os x are not 
compatible (but the altivec c files are).
What should be done?

I will have a look at the altivec c files if they are still valid and 
tell you.
If I made some changes, how can I commit these?


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