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maybe somebody of you is interested, too.


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Subject: [transcode-devel] video application developer meeting

Hello everybody,

To get straight to the point, i'd like to make one of my childhood
wishes come true... Well, not exactly but i was thinging about
something like this for a while.

What is it about ? I'd like to organize a meeting of
opensource video application developers to help the exchange
of ideas and plan the further development.

The meeting would be held within the course of the 
Swiss Unix Conference 2004 (SUCON'04) begining
of september 2004 (as of current planing 2-4 sept)
in Zurich/Switzerland.
(The webpage www.sucon.ch shows still the program
of last year, but should be updated soon)

Would you be interested in such a meeting ?
And/or would some of you be interested in giving
a speach at the SUCON'04 ?

Greetings from a Switzerland where it's finaly snowing

			Attila Kinali

egp ist vergleichbar mit einem ikea bausatz fuer flugzeugtraeger
			-- reeler in +kaosu

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