[XviD-devel] Doc Contributions are welcome

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Sun Dec 28 01:23:57 CET 2003


as i've written in the beta3 release notes, i would like to focus now on
library documentation. So  i started writing some docbook  xml text this

See http://ed.gomez.free.fr/vrac/xvid-docs/html/xvid.html

It will be  a hard (read boring) task  if i complete it all  alone, so i
call for contributions from you (yeah you !) ;-)

You can contribute:
 - The  best start  i  can have  to  write the  docs,  and organize  the
 contributions is  to have a complete  table of contents.  So list there
 your ideas.
 - General information about  XviD. i tried to describe  xvid the best i
 could,  but  i'm  really a  poor  marketing  guy,  so try  to  describe
 xvidcore with bells and whistles and send me the resulting text.
 - A  complete  docbook CSS  stylesheet.  I've  found  on the  net  some
 docbook stylesheets (freebsd, a french guy css file...) but they sucked
 as soon as i used more than section and para tags.  I've given a try at
 it but the result isn't that fancy, so if you have some CSS skills, and
 know what XHTML 1.1 is... c'mon share your skills.

PS: the  toolchain  i  use  is  "xmlto",  this  simplifies  a  lot  the
docbok-xml parsing+transformation.  I prefer having a  single xhtml file
for now,  but once the doc will  get bigger, i'll switch  to chunked doc
output and PDF.

PPS: yes i  know that for now, the  GPL text is the biggest  part of the
doc ;-)

Edouard Gomez

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