[XviD-devel] "Autoselecting" IDCT for SimpleIDCT encodes

Dirk Knop dknop at stud.uni-goettingen.de
Mon Dec 29 14:09:37 CET 2003

Selam everyone,

sysKin has a hack ready for xvid dshow with which we can change the 
decoding IDCT from/to walken/simple. Since there are a few bitstreams 
out there with the bitstream number 009 (I think) we were thinking about 
adding an automatic pre-selection in bitstream.c (switch to simple if 
bitstream number is 009) - if that selection is wrong, the user still 
can select the idct from dshow.

Unfortunately this is a hack which only works because we statically link 
xvid core into dshow. It would be more graceful if we'd extend the API 

"(@sysKin): a flag in "frame" I guess - if flag is on && bitstream 
version is 009 -> switch"

Any objections? :)


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