[XviD-devel] Hello xvid-devel, -- Best regards, Milan

Radek Czyz syskin at ihug.com.au
Wed Mar 3 12:02:13 CET 2004

[OH great, sent it from wrong account and wasn't forwarded to ML. I hope 
Milan got his]

Milan Cutka wrote:
> Hi,
> while updating ffdshow to newest XviD API I found out that qscale and
> qscale_stride fields of xvid_dec_stats_t struct aren't filled by XviD. I know
> now XviD has its own deblocking, but exporting quantizer array would help to
> external postprocessing such as deblocking, deringing and visualizations in
> ffdshow.

Indeed, they are part of the API but not created or filled. I'll add it
now, thanks for the info.


PS. Great to see you back :D

PS2. Maybe you fixed it by now, but ffdshow+xvid4 used to display
"b-frame decoder lag" message, if there was a lag in video. To get rid
of this, use decoding stats and check if the output frame type is
"XVID_TYPE_NOTHING". If it's so, but decoder actually used some data
(xvid_decore() > 0), it's the warning frame and you shouldn't display it
(xvid's dshow just returns S_FALSE and that works).


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