[XviD-devel] Interview with Gej, mentioning XviD

Radek Czyz syskin at ihug.com.au
Mon Mar 22 08:48:06 CET 2004

Hi :)

Christoph Lampert wrote:
> It's german, and if you don't want to translate: XviD is mentioned twice, 
> once that DivX5.2 will contain some features XviD already has, like 
> custom quant matrices and several bframes.

Hah, I wonder when they'll catch up. They will one day unless we restart
development. Therefore:

1. how about setting up 1.1 tree in CVS. I can commit this instant. Do
we want to do development in cvs HEAD, or keep stable in HEAD and do
development in some new tree?
Let's make up our mind (either way is fine with me) and copy current
dev-api-4 to the new tree. And I mean as soon as we can, no point waiting.

2. Have you guys heard of using non-linear distortion in R-D
search/decision/whatever? Currently, we've got
rd = bits + lambda*distortion
which looks fine, but means that *any* level of distortion is fine as
long as we save even more bits. However, a a different function, such as
using distortion^2, would prevent distortions from going too far... Have
you read something interesting about it?


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