[XviD-devel] [ANNOUNCE] 1.0.0 final available

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Sun May 16 23:11:33 CEST 2004


This is XviD 1.0.0 final.

The development team is happy to announce the immediate availability of
XviD 1.0.0 release. Though this version number is purely symbolic, it's
still an important step, and the "xvid-team" hopes you'll enjoy all the
efforts that have been put in this 1.0 numbered version. Thanks to  all
users who: reported bugs, sent patches and helped us improve XviD up to
an 1.0 quality level.

Happy encoding and stay tuned for improvements in upcoming releases.

Changes since 1.0.0 RC4 (Hola):

* xvidcore
 - minor bug in trellis quantification optimization.
 - speedup  for vhq>1  &  qpel modes  (motion search was done twice,
   one in SAD mode and one in RD mode)
 - Fixed MV clipping with non valid DivX 5 based sequences.
 - Fixed RGB 16 bit C functions.
 - Fixed posible VOL header corruption for fps=1 encodes.
 - DC misprediction caused by bad value clipping (bug forwarded to the
   ffmpeg project too).

* VFW frontend
 - Fixed mismatching of hints<->widgets.

* DShow frontend
 - none

The files are available in the download section of XviD.org:

-- The "XviD Team"

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