[XviD-devel] XVID_CSP_RGB

Thomas Köckerbauer k0055217 at students.uni-linz.ac.at
Mon Oct 4 18:25:56 CEST 2004


I'm working on an application which gets 24-bit RGB input data to
compress with xvid. As I noticed xvid doesn't support the 24-bit RGB
colorspace in the current version (it did in 0.9) (now XVID_CSP_BGR is
the only 24-bit colorspace supported). I know that it would be possible
to implement the colorspace conversion in the application and pass YV12
data to xvid, but I thought since 24-bit RGB is a quite common format it
might be better if it's directly supported in xvid (especially since
there are only a few lines to add to get support for it).
So I've made a patch which adds a XVID_CSP_RGB colorspace.
It would be nice if XVID_CSP_RGB would be added again (or was it removed
for any special reason?)


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