[XviD-devel] bounced

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Sat Oct 16 13:06:43 CEST 2004


if one of your messages get bounced, it may be wise to resent your e-mail
with a different subject and not waiting for me to approve it.

That's because around 100-200 messages are bounced every day due to being
spam or virus mails (also often sent with fake sender addresses). I
simply don't have the time to manually check each of these mails and 
usually discard all bounced mails every three or four days...


Quoting Christoph Nägeli <chn at kbw.ch>:

> Hi,
> I 'posted' a message 2 days ago that was bounced until the list 
> administrator has time to have a look at it.
> How long will this go? And can someone tell me under what conditions a 
> header looks suspicious.
> Perhaps this message will go through, then:
> Is someone listening with PPC Linux who can test the new PPC port on 
> linux?
> (i.e. if it is compilable it should be ok)
> --
> Christoph
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