[XviD-devel] find a problem

Christoph Lampert chl at math.uni-bonn.de
Fri Oct 22 12:17:53 CEST 2004

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, ??? wrote:

> dear all:

>   I use version of libxvidcore 1.0.1 to compress raw yuv test_sequence
> bridge-far.cif, 

What _application_ or _program_ do you use to encode the raw YUV sequence? 

> and find some pink line and pink region are so abvious in
> condition of bitrate 393216 and h.263 quant,but I find even with 900k
> bitrate or mpeg4 quant things is also exits,but quality is good a
> little.I think lower bitrate even worse.but the other test sequence does
> not have this circumstance.Who can explain this condition? doesn't it
> block effect? I think it is block effect and should eliminate it. thanks

I don't understand what you mean by "abvious", but the pink region/line 
are _not_ block artefacts, because block artefacts are blocks, and pink 
lines are not blocks. 

Do you have a sample sequence (just a few encoded frames) which you could 
put for download or send to me as e-mail? Not the full clip and not to the 
list, please, because it's too large for that. 


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