[XviD-devel] Multithreaded Motion Search - looking for benchmarker

Tom Jacobs T.R.Jacobs at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Jul 27 23:26:10 CEST 2005

wow someone actually went back that far in the archive.   welll it let you
all know where i got with it ive dpne this.    my work is for me phd and i
have been compiling for the simplescalar and not x48. not very handy for
every normal user but it lets me sumilar for any number of processors and
gives me cycle accurate data :)  for example i have been encoding some HD
images with 128 procossor.  i finished xvid before last christmas and it
gave me a near linear reduction in instruction count per processor.

i have just come back (about 5hr ago) from Samos (greek island) where i
presented a paper on my work in xvid (http://www.ece.uvic.ca/asap2005/) . i
prolly shouldnt attach the paper cos its copyrighted by IEEE now but here
it is anyway.

as for using multithreading for normal users you could try the pthread
library. this has succesfully be used in x264 to thread that (which ive
done with simplescalr too,  another video codec done and dusted ;) ). i
will send my copy of motion_estimation.c once i am back at uni, 3 weeks cos
off on holiday on sat

Quoting Bryan Mayland <bmayland at leoninedev.com>:

> While I was lying in bed the other night thinking about how much time it
> takes to encode my 720x480 MPEG2 television recordings in 2-pass XViD, I
> considered a processor upgrade.  That of course led me to ponder about
> the performance of XViD on a dual core processor.  I know that the
> xvidcore itself is single threaded for safety and simplicity, but maybe
> it would benefit to run multithreaded in the area where 50% of encoding
> time is spent (on my system): Motion Estimation.
> This was brought up in a thread in Sept 04 "[XviD devel] Changes to
> get_pmv2", but it sort of died when gruel said that the overhead of the
> threading negated any performance gains.
> Since I don't take no for an answer, I have hacked (and when I say
> hacked I mean this is some really ugly code) support for a win32
> dual-threaded MotionEstimation() against CVS head.  Yeah, win32.  I do
> all of my encoding under linux, but I'm just a better windows programmer
> when it comes to threading.  The new code still works on my system, with
> what only looks like a minor speed hit.  However, I'd like to see if
> performance is increased (theoretically by up to 25%) on a SMP or
> multicore system.
> The algorithm creates a second thread to help with the ME, although
> there is no reason this could not be increased further.  An array
> [mb_width x mb_height] of "completed blocks" is initialized to 0, and an
> array of "available blocks" is initialized to point to the block at
> (0,0). Once the thread has completed the search, the block is flagged as
> completed and then the algorithm checks to see if the block to the right
> can be searched (which is true if block2's top right neighbor is
> complete), and if the block to the bottom left can be searched (which is
> true if block3's left neighbor is complete).  These blocks are added to
> the "available" list.  If there are blocks on the list, the thread takes
> one and starts again.
> This is kinda a rough explanation, and I'll go into more detail if this
> works, but in a nutshell what happens is thread1 searches (0,0) then
> (1,0), sets (0,1) as available and keeps going right.  Thread2 picks up
> on row 1 and starts moving right along that row.  More CPUs/threads
> would just jump on more rows as they are ready so the entire motion
> search actually completes in a diagonal pattern top left to bottom right.
> I actually wrangled up a dual Pentium II-450 system and gave this a try
> 512x480 29.97 xvid source material 34,400 frames, using VirtualDubMod.
> Default options except for b-frames disabled
> =========================================
> Standard CVS head:  1hr 20mins (7.1fps)
> My code: 1hr 6mins (8.7fps)
> =========================================
> Not bad considering this is just ugly unoptimized code
> Is there anyone who has a win32 SMP or multicore machine that would be
> willing to benchmark my xvidcore.dll against the standard CVS head?
> http://capnbry.net/~bmayland/fi/xvidcore.zip
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