[XviD-devel] Using XVID_CSP_INTERNAL

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Tue Oct 31 19:40:36 CET 2006

Radek Czyz (radoslaw at syskin.cjb.net) wrote:
> Either that or there's a bug somewhere, I don't think internal was 
> widely tested.

Maybe on windows, but on linux, mplayer can use internal quite easily.

I advise  the original poster to  read the mplayer/libmpcodec/vd_xvid4.c
file. It  shows clearly how things  are dealt with when  internal csp is
1  - If  CSP is  used don't  bother initializing  xvid_dec_frame_t plane
2 - Feed the xvid_decore function as usual
3 - Get back from  dec.output.plane/stride the pointers to  buffers and
    the stride to apply to each of them.
4 - Make sure your app can handle quite stange values for stride as xvid
    has internal requirements for line alignment that usual apps may not

vd_xvid4.c is quite good at showing this.

NB:  do_dr2  is  on  by  default,  so internal  is  default  when  using


Edouard Gomez

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