[XviD-devel] Xvid 1.1.1 is available!

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Tue Oct 31 21:51:46 CET 2006


This is Xvid 1.1.1 release.

This release is Xvid 1.1.1 bugfix release. It is API compatible with  
the previous 1.1.0 stable release.

Changes since 1.1.0:

* xvidcore library
  - Fixed bug when frame-drop (N-VOP) feature is used in combination with
    packed B-frames
  - Fix for premature EOF in xvid_decraw example
  - Fixed potential crash on Intel EMT64 architecture
  - Several fixes for IA64 platform (patch by Thomas Koeckerbauer)
  - Fix for visual_object_verid vs. video_object_layer_verid problem
  - Ensure intervening bytes are preserved in BitstreamInit()

* VFW frontend
  - Prevent segfault when encoding application calls compress_end with NULL
    codec context (PerfectDark at yandex dot ru)
  - Profile definitions updates

* DShow frontend
  - Add missing debug.c

The files are available in the download section of Xvid.org:

-- The "Xvid Team"

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