[XviD-devel] Xvid_ecraw.c

reno reballos rreballos at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 13:12:27 CET 2008

Hi Everybody,

Good day...

I hope everyone is quiet ok..because i have a question to ask to the experts out here about the xvid codec... by the way i am working now on video compression and i using xvid codec to compress and decompress my video stream coming from live video in the form of bitmap or mpeg will do...

i have read page per page about the xvid_encraw.c source code but i cannot digest it right away and i wanted this to ask to the xpert on how am i going to manage the xvid_encraw.c to be ued in my application.... as a beginner i have outlined the important thing that the xvid_encraw uses in the video encoding...please correct  me if i have made a mistake in here (procedure for encoding the video stream)
            1. check for xvid coder
             2. initialize the encoder
            3. open the buffer/point to buffer that contains the video stream data
            4. retrieve the height and width of the video stream
             5. allocate memory, since the width and height is already known
             6. encoding loop/encoding proper
             7. stop encoding (option)
because this outlined thing in here is my basis for my video encoding...

thanks and Good day

reno d. reballos

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