[XviD-devel] pthreads

tripp eliared at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 17:48:51 CEST 2008

--- On Mon, 6/23/08, Michael Militzer <michael at xvid.org> wrote:

> 1.1.3 and head (1.2) are different development branches on
> CVS, so there's
> no direct path from 1.1.3 to cvs head anyway. But as a
> shortlist of things
> that cvs head has and 1.1.3 hasn't:
> - SMP support
> - more SSE2 optimizations
> - SSE3 support
> - SSIM quality metric
> - enhanced mpeg quantization

thanks. that was mainly what i was looking for.

> Regarding your pthread problem I can't say much other
> than what I wrote in my last mail. 

i got a tip from Peter Ross,
and managed to work it out, by adding
-lws2_32 after -lpthread

thanks for the help guys.



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