[XviD-devel] Need API documentation

Jim vannus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 20:15:22 CET 2008

Best thing to do is look the code & examples (xvid.h & xvid_decraw.c,
etc). Ive got (very little) bit done - got distracted with doing
back-end for gcc.

beginquote >>
The key elements to decoding are;

 // provide necessary functions/constants/structs/etc
 #include "xvid.h <cid:part1.00070600.05000604 at gmail.com>"

 // initialise stuff
 xvid_global <cid:part2.01020708.01070101 at gmail.com> ( NULL, XVID_GBL_INIT <cid:part3.06060500.00030409 at gmail.com>, xvid_gbl_init_t <cid:part4.06020702.05070401 at gmail.com>, NULL );

 // initialise some more stuff
 xvid_decore <cid:part5.07020705.00080203 at gmail.com> ( NULL, XVID_DEC_CREATE <cid:part6.01010006.02090606 at gmail.com>, xvid_dec_create_t <cid:part7.06020203.06000301 at gmail.com>, NULL );

 // decode a frame (repeated to decode many frames)
 do {
   // read compressed data from stream/file
   fread ( xvid_dec_frame_t::bitstream <cid:part8.08000505.00070802 at gmail.com>, bytesperblock, numblocks, infile );
   // decode compressed frame to decompressed frame
   xvid_decore <cid:part5.07020705.00080203 at gmail.com> ( xvid_dec_create_t::handle <cid:part10.00030102.04040001 at gmail.com>, XVID_DEC_DECODE <cid:part11.01070603.02000307 at gmail.com>, xvid_dec_frame_t <cid:part12.07050504.05040003 at gmail.com>, xvid_dec_stats_t <cid:part13.02050304.05000305 at gmail.com> );
   // write decompressed data to stream/file
   fwrite ( xvid_dec_frame_t::output::plane, bytesperblock, numblocks, outfile );
 } while ( !feof ( infile ) );

 // free up resources
 xvid_decore <cid:part5.07020705.00080203 at gmail.com> ( xvid_dec_create_t::handle <cid:part10.00030102.04040001 at gmail.com>, XVID_DEC_DESTROY <cid:part16.05060103.06050209 at gmail.com>, NULL, NULL );

(click on code for info)
<< endquote

The html Doxygen creates does make code easier to hop around (if you
want ill submit what ive got, but im still playing around with it really)


Brad O'Hearne wrote:
> Hello,
> I've downloaded the xvid core, but I don't seem to be able to locate  
> any spec docs or API docs. Can someone direct me to where I might find  
> these?
> Thanks,
> Brad
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