[XviD-devel] XviD-devel Digest, Vol 70, Issue 3

李冰 bing.li at autosoft.com.cn
Mon Nov 24 07:45:36 CET 2008

Dear  Everybody:

       First I will thank you all, and double thanks to those who replied my questions.

       Thanks to  Michael and Dark Shikari,  I really find that my problems were caused by nasm version.

       My  envirionment  is:    Intel Core Duo CPU, 2.16G,  2G Mem, Fedora Core 8,    XVID source 1.1.3,  nasm 2.05.01 .

       Belows are the output of ./configure.  Please notice the red-marked section.  

       It says that my "nasm" is too old!!  In fact my nasm is the most recent version:  NASM version 2.05.01 compiled on Oct 29 2008. 


[libing at libing generic]$ ./configure

(..............I omit some unimportant infomation here.)

checking for yasm... no
checking for nasm... yes
checking for nasm patch version... nasm: error: unrecognised option `-r'
nasm: error: no input file specified
type `nasm -h' for help
configure: WARNING: nasm patch version is too old
configure: WARNING: no correct assembler was found - Compiling generic sources only
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating platform.inc

[libing at libing generic]$ nasm  -v
NASM version 2.05.01 compiled on Oct 29 2008

Thus , my problems are listed below:

Q1.   How to compile xvid using   nasm 2.05.01 ? why my configure can not correctly process it?

Q2.   In the xvid_decraw.c , if I set use to XVID_CSP_I420, the decode speed may be up to 220 fps(720x576 video),
        If i use XVID_CSP_RGB565, the speed will slow down to only 80fps.   I wonder why it consume so much CPU time to do yuv/rgb convertion?

Q3.   When I compile xvid, if I want to use assemble language, I must manually define ARCH_IS_IA32 in xvid.h. Or else assemble code will not be 

  I hope you can solve these problems for me.  Thanks !

Best reguard!
                  Ice Lee 

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   1. Re: About xvid source assembly language optimize(why it does
      not work?) (Jason Garrett-Glaser)
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      not work?) (Michael Militzer)
Message: 1
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 08:50:16 -0800
From: "Jason Garrett-Glaser" <darkshikari at gmail.com>
To: xvid-devel at xvid.org
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Are you really sure that not using "-asm" implies non-asm?  I would be
quite surprised if that was indeed the default...
Dark Shikari
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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 18:05:28 +0100
From: Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
To: xvid-devel at xvid.org
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make sure you really compiled xvid with assembly optimizations enabled. You
need yasm or nasm present - or otherwise xvid will be compiled with c-code
Also note that the -m option will write out data to your disk. It might be
that more time is spent on I/O than on the actual decoding. In that case,
asm and noasm options could seem to perform similar.

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