[Xvid-devel] About library objects name in Cygwin/MinGW

Reini Urban rurban at x-ray.at
Fri Sep 16 08:34:33 CEST 2011

2011/9/15 Motofumi Oka <chikuzen.mo at gmail.com>:
> Currently, library name of xvidcore in cygwin/mingw is defined by
> configure.in as follows.
>     [[cC]][[yY]][[gG]][[wW]][[iI]][[nN]]*|mingw32*|mks*)
>    AC_MSG_RESULT([ok])
> For this reason, when using xvidcore as an external library of other
> projects(ffmpeg, mencoder, etc...), I always have to rename/copy/simlink
> xvidcore(.dll).a to libxvidcore(.dll).a.
> So, what is the reason the library name differs from the case of other
> environment?
> I know nothing about mks.
> however, I think that it is appropriate to attach ”lib" to a library name
> when target_os=cygwin/mingw.

On cygwin the import lib should be named libxvidcore.dll.a,
the shared lib cygxvidcore.dll and the static lib xvidcore.a
On mingw the shared libxvidcore.dll

The lib prefix is only needed for the import lib and this pulls in the
right dll (cygwin or mingw)
which is the preferred naming method.
Reini Urban

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