[Xvid-devel] About library objects name in Cygwin/MinGW

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Fri Sep 16 14:44:43 CEST 2011

Hm, what would be a proper solution then? Something like this?



Quoting Reini Urban <rurban at x-ray.at>:

> 2011/9/15 Motofumi Oka <chikuzen.mo at gmail.com>:
>> Currently, library name of xvidcore in cygwin/mingw is defined by
>> configure.in as follows.
>>     [[cC]][[yY]][[gG]][[wW]][[iI]][[nN]]*|mingw32*|mks*)
>>    AC_MSG_RESULT([ok])
>>    STATIC_LIB="xvidcore.\$(STATIC_EXTENSION)"
>>    SHARED_LIB="xvidcore.\$(SHARED_EXTENSION)"
>> For this reason, when using xvidcore as an external library of other
>> projects(ffmpeg, mencoder, etc...), I always have to rename/copy/simlink
>> xvidcore(.dll).a to libxvidcore(.dll).a.
>> So, what is the reason the library name differs from the case of other
>> environment?
>> I know nothing about mks.
>> however, I think that it is appropriate to attach "lib" to a library name
>> when target_os=cygwin/mingw.
> On cygwin the import lib should be named libxvidcore.dll.a,
> the shared lib cygxvidcore.dll and the static lib xvidcore.a
> On mingw the shared libxvidcore.dll
> The lib prefix is only needed for the import lib and this pulls in the
> right dll (cygwin or mingw)
> which is the preferred naming method.
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> Reini Urban
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