[XviD-devel] ATI Mobility

Meir Fremder meirfremder at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 12:56:34 CET 2003


Sorry to bother you. I'm having exactly the same problem as the one 
described by the poster below. Has this been addressed in any way yet?




First, please forgive me if I am e-mailing the wrong person.
Your e-mail address was one of the few actually listed on the xvid.org
website, and no other method for bug reporting seemed obvious.  The
number of posts on the forum did not inspire confidence.

	In any case, I have come upon a rather large issue in Xvid 0.9.1
(all builds) regarding playback in Windows Media Player (or any other
DirectShow-enabled application).  Quite simply, it chokes on my Dell
laptop (850 MHz P3, 192 MB RAM, WinXP, ATI Mobility M4 with latest Dell
drivers).  The video plays slowly and lags progressively farther behind
the audio.  CPU usage stays at 100% throughout playback.  I have no
similar problem on other computers, nor do I have any problem on my
laptop with the DivX 5.0.3 codec.  Moving the hardware acceleration
slider in display properties down (i.e. disabling DirectShow) fixes the
problem, but also unfortunately makes it impossible to resize the video
window or to go full screen.  Changing the FourCC to DIVX (passing it on
to the DivX decoder) fixes the problem, but must be done on a
file-by-file basis.  I have experienced this on several videos, so the
problem is not with any one file.

	In a somewhat related topic, I was wondering if you know a way
to influence one codec to take on the FourCC of another.  Specifically,
I am hoping to trick the Video Filter Manager into playing an XVID file
with the DivX codec until the aforementioned problem is resolved.  I
have tried various registry hacks (e.g. adding XVID and xvid, in fourCC
GUID form, into the FilterData registry entry for the DivX filter) but
have met with no success.

	I would greatly appreciate help with either issue.  Thank you.


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