[XviD-devel] Coding

Christoph Nägeli chn at kbw.ch
Wed Dec 17 15:48:58 CET 2003

Hello again,

I got some questions about coding.
I think some code in the sad_altivec.c file doesn't make sense, may I 
just remove that (cvs could restore it anyway) or do I have to talk to 
the person who wrote that code?

for example:

#define G_REG

#ifdef G_REG
register vector unsigned char perm0 asm("%v29");
register vector unsigned char perm1 asm("%v30");
register vector unsigned int zerovec asm("%v31");

The whole file makes a differences if G_REG is defined.
Can anyone tell me when this '#ifdef' and all the following aren't 
If not, I can just remove all the '#else-code', right?

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