[XviD-devel] xvid streams that xvid can't play

Miguel Freitas mfreitas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 22:07:15 CET 2007

hi Xvid people,

i'm having trouble to play some xvid-encoded streams in linux. it
seems the decoder gets confused about some of the "keyframes" and
subsequent frames get pretty messed up.

at first i thought i did something wrong in xine, so i've tried
mplayer - same problem.

ok, that must be a problem in ffmpeg then, so i rewrote xine's xvid
plugin (using libxvidcore.so). I got the plugin working fine with the
latest xvid 1.1.2 but it does show the same problem.

since i'm getting out of ideas and i don't have a windows machine to
try, i'd like to ask: is this stream really unrecoverably buggy or is
there anything i can do to play it?

here is a 5MB sample:

it seems to have been encoded by XviD0039 but i have another
(completely unrelated) stream with the same problem that reports

any suggestions/ideas are appreciated.


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