[XviD-devel] PATCH: Integer division by 0 on seek

Haruhiko Yamagata h.yamagata at nifty.com
Thu Jul 19 13:10:58 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm here to say thank you and to submit a very small patch.
I'm one of the developers of ffdshow-tryouts. We recently copied xvidcore 
into our svn.
Thank you very much for your great product and letting us use/depend on.

We found a very rare crash (Integer division by 0) on seek when xvidcore.dll 
is used in ffdshow.
I think this crash is not ffdshow specific.
The attached patch fixes the crash.

I hesitate to submit the sample (very large). I'm not sure if the sample is 
broken or not.
Even with the sample, the crash occurs only once per some hundreds of seeks 
for me
(but more frequently for _xxl, a member of our project).
I hope you can understand what the patch does, even if you cannot reproduce 
the crash.

Another stuff, I have ported colorspace_rgb_mmx.asm to win64-sse2. I'll 
submit when ready.

Best regards,
  Haruhiko Yamagata

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