[Xvid-devel] xvid_encraw: AVI output >2 GB?

Michael Militzer michael at xvid.org
Thu Jul 9 13:44:06 CEST 2015

Well, where do you see the difficulty in joining AVI segments? You can
just load and select more than one AVI file in AviMux-GUI and that's it:

LOAD D:\out.avi
LOAD D:\out_001.avi
LOAD D:\out_002.avi
LOAD D:\out_003.avi
START D:\out_joined.avi

And yes, the segmentation does not take scene changes into account but
the input is simply broken up into equally sized pieces. However, I don't
see that this would be a problem: Assuming the input gets broken up into
four segments (e.g. 4 cpu cores) and all the segment boundaries are then
not aligned on a scene change, this will simply cause three extra
keyframes in the final joined output which otherwise would not have been
there. Not really an issue.

Regarding MKV: I was not involved in adding the MKV support to xvid_encraw.
But from what I recall, matroska.cpp does sure exist and is a higher-level
wrapper over libmatroska and libebml. For some reason (I think because
matroska.cpp was seen as an external dependency and was supposed to be
maintained outside of Xvid), only the integration code but not matroska.cpp
itself had been added into our VCS. However further on then, it seems
matroska.cpp got not further maintained and became hard to obtain...

Best regards,

Quoting Mario *LigH* Rohkrämer <contact at ligh.de>:

> App level threading may not help MeGUI development much either. The
> segments would have to be concatenated afterwards, which is not as trivial
> in many cases as one may wish. And selecting the segment borders may not
> take scene changes (as sensible candidates for GOP starts) into account, I
> fear...
> I was just looking for MKV support in xvid_encraw and found that, when a
> symbol "XVID_MKV_OUTPUT" is defined, a file "matroska.cpp" would have to
> be included. But it seems that it does not exist. So it was probably never
> programmed yet?
> And even if it were available, I wonder if you would use either the VfW
> compatible video stream tagging (like VirtualDubMod does) or the native
> one. This might be important for AviMux-GUI support as well.
> The more we discuss this topic, the less important MPEG4-ASP and AVI will
> get (HEVC development is currently a bit more interesting) ... ;) -- But
> legacy players will persist for a while. Xvid is not yet dead, just about
> to retire.
> --
> Fun and success!
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