[XviD-users] wmplayer and xvid: not working after install

Canute canute2005 at hotpop.com
Wed Sep 21 13:12:36 CEST 2005

"For some reason xvid.org forums are not accepting joiners" - Because they want us to use the mailing list.

"Previously I had a divx codec installed and WMP did use that to play video I encoded with REVEL, which uses xvid" - MPEG-4 streams can be decoded using MPEG-4 decoders i.e. Xvid too can decode DivX and MS MPEG-4.

After building the codec use the ini file to install the codec or get the installation itself. I have had conflicts with DivX and Xvid earlier so I haven't used DivX after that, never needed to and never will.

To install using the ini, right-click on it and click install.

As with the last part, make sure you unistall all the MPEG-4 codecs. The video will surely not play. Never do deleting of files with codecs. You'll drive windows nuts.
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  For some reason xvid.org forums are not accepting joiners, so maybe xvid-users 
  know my symptoms....

  I've recently built and installed the xvid codec on WinXP and Window Media 
  Player 10 is not using the codec (usual "can't find right codec" error dialog) 
  to play an xvid video.  Previously I had a divx codec installed and WMP did 
  use that to play video I encoded with REVEL, which uses xvid.  What needs to 
  be done, or what other info do you need?

  Also, I plan to insert these videos into a PPT presentation and I've had some 
  problems with random codecs not being supported through PowerPoint.  How can 
  this be if PPT uses the same list of codecs everything else does.  Of course, 
  WMP isn't recognizing some codecs either.  I could be imagining that, but some 
  videos that would play under WMP would crash PPT - I though PPT uses a WMP 
  plugin (?)  There's not a lot of information on how PPT works at that level 
  that I can find.  This is a whole other problem though from the first, but 
  just in case anyone would recognize it.

  On xvid installation: everything went as it should AFAICT.  xvidcore.dll and 
  xvidvfw.dll are in system32, instructions that were packaged with the source 
  code were followed.  I've also checked that the problem still occurs with the 
  dll's in the video file's directory.

  I did have a binary distribution of xvid installed that also did not work with 
  WMP, in the same manner.  Before attempting to install xvid and test, I 
  removed all other related codecs (all divx, that xvid, etc.) with the windows 
  device manager in addition to their uninstall utilities if they came with one.

  More Details:
  The video file is an AVI made by REVEL by examples/reveltest.cpp.  Here is the 
  interesting part: I have videos made by someone else that windows say are 
  encoded with xvid (properties), and that also say they're xvid.  WMP plays one 
  this file perfectly.  To ensure it was *the* xvid codec that I installed I 
  tried removing xvid through the device manager (and that didn't quite work 
  either...), so instead I just deleted xvidcore/xvidvfw.dll from the system32 
  folder and made sure they're not reappearing.  The xvid video still plays!  
  That convinces me that it's not a problem with REVEL or the avi it outputs.  
  What's up with that?  I haven't yet tried removing MS MPEG-4 codec (maybe 
  there's a conflict?), so I'll try that next.


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