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Christoph Lampert xvid-devel@xvid.org
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:40:17 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Marco Al wrote:

> Michael Militzer wrote:
> > This is not really correct. Section 8 of the GPL makes it possible to
> > release patent covered code under the GPL...
> XviD's contributors have chosen not to use the options provided in section 8
> though, so it does not apply.
> I know Im alone in this, but I still read clause 7 that if you know that if you
> cannot extend the freedoms of the GPL to recipients you are not allowed to
> distribute 

except for the authors, who can do whatever they like ;-) 

But you are not alone with your oppinion. I think, too, that very strictly
speaking, the GPL license of XVID is rather pointless, because very
strictly speaking, nobody has the right to re-distribute under GPL, so
nobody has to right to re-distribute at all. 


> (the fact that they specifically mention allegation of patent
> infringement as sufficient ground is a clue, there is no need of allegations
> here ... we all know perfectly well it is patent encumbered). Knowledge of the
> patents prevents anyone in good conscience to think he is satisfying the
> obligations under the GPL IMO, we all know we cannot guarantuee others can use
> XviD freely ... yet anyone who is distributing it under the GPL is promising it,
> "The act of running the Program is not restricted", even if my reading is
> incorrect I still think the whole thing is schizo.
> But hell, even Linus said to just ignore it till it becomes a real problem :)
> Marco
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