[XviD-devel] Happy holydays and help!!! Can't compile XviD to Mingw!

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Fri Dec 26 19:47:02 CET 2003

Eduardo Machado (dudaskank at yahoo.com) wrote:
> Second, some time ago I've asked how to compile XviD for Mingw, and
> get this answer:
> http://list.xvid.org/pipermail/xvid-devel/2003-March/002474.html and i
> this time that worked! So here I come, 9 months later, and trying to
> compile xvid 1.0 (cvs version).

Give a try at xvidcore/doc/INSTALL for build instructions.

Edouard Gomez

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